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If you’re one of the 4% of the population that struggles with symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD), Bryan Weinstein, DO, can help. At Summit Psychiatric Services in Livonia, Michigan, Dr. Weinstein and his experienced medical team offer effective solutions for managing adult ADD, including cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. They customize each treatment plan to meet your needs and help you enjoy a happy, fulfilled life. Schedule a consultation for adult ADD today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.


What is ADD?

Attention deficit disorder is a common condition that impacts adults. The condition causes difficulties with concentration and focus, making it difficult to stay on track with simple tasks. Those with ADD may also struggle with memory, mood swings, and other issues that interfere with their daily routine or their job.

What causes ADD?

The exact cause of ADD isn’t well understood but there may be genetic links. If you have a sibling or parent with the condition, you may be at increased risk for developing ADD. In some cases, ADD symptoms may appear in childhood. However, you can also develop ADD symptoms later in adulthood.

What are the symptoms of ADD?

ADD affects everyone differently. For some, symptoms may be severe and disruptive to life at home, work, or in social situations. Common symptoms of ADD include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of attention
  • Frequently distracted
  • Difficulties following instructions

As a result of these issues, you may also develop symptoms of depression or anxiety.

How is ADD diagnosed?

There’s no specific test for diagnosing ADD. Dr. Weinstein reviews your medical history and discusses with you your symptoms during your initial consultation. Often, he can confirm a diagnosis by learning more about your background and the nature of your symptoms. For your symptoms to relate to ADD, they need to significantly interfere with your usual routine, including your job and your relationships.

What treatments are available for ADD?

There’s no cure for ADD but with professional help and the support of Dr. Weinstein, you can learn how to cope with your ADD symptoms.

Initially, Dr. Weinstein may recommend cognitive therapy to help you better understand your condition and how to cope with your symptoms.

Many people also benefit from medications that help improve focus and concentration in combination with talk therapy. Medications may include antidepressants or psychostimulants that changes your brain functionality to alleviate ADD symptoms.

Based on the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Weinstein determines how long you need to continue therapy to achieve the desired outcome. He also coordinates care with your family members, employers, and your family physician to ensure you have the resources you need to thrive.

Schedule a consultation today by calling the office at 248-471-7171.