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Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

What to expect during a psychiatric evaluation?

The first step to getting well is to be evaluated by an experienced and caring provider. Our psychiatric evaluations are detailed sessions with us in which we determine the likely diagnosis, and the best paths for treatment. We will consider the possible conditions that may be at work, how long they have been in existence, and their emotional / behavioral impacts. During your psychiatric evaluation, you and the doctor will sit down and talk through your concerns, symptoms, and overall health. The more information you can provide, the better your provider will be able to help with your mental-health needs.

Signs a psychiatric evaluation can help you or a loved one:

  • Feeling of depression
  • Extreme highs and low moods
  • Excessive fear, worry or anxiety
  • Social withdrawal
  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Long lasting sadness or irritability

Medication Management

As a person under our care, we will also determine if you might benefit from psychotropic medications. Using our decades of experience seeing patients with a wide range of psychiatric needs, and our clinical care algorithm, we may prescribe medications. If we do, we will schedule timely follow up appointments to ensure that what we are prescribing is achieving its desired effect, and helping to make you better. From then on, we will adhere to strict medication management guidelines to keep you on the best dose for your total well-being.

Our onsite Peak Pharmacy serves as your own personal pharmacist who ensures that your medication needs are met every time. Peak also offers next day hand delivery.


Common conditions treated at Summit: